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Sự kiện > Phase 2 study shows potential for sickle cell disease treatment
A phase 2 study has suggested a new treatment may be effective for patients experiencing vaso-occlusive crisis (VOC) of sickle cell disease.
The announcement comes from GlycoMimetics Inc (GMI), which revealed patients treated with GMI-1070 experienced shorter symptoms of VOC and reduced hospital stays.
Carried out across 76 patients aged 12 to 60, the study showed they also benefited from a reduction in the use of narcotic pain relief.
The placebo-controlled trial found both adult and child patients saw an improvement in their condition, with the company planning to submit their results for publication in a scientific journal.
Vice-president of clinical development and chief medical officer at GMI Helen Thackray said: "There is major unmet clinical need in sickle cell disease and we hope that additional studies will continue to demonstrate the potential for GMI-1070 to benefit people living with the disease."
The potential complications of sickle cell disease can be fatal and include stroke, acute chest syndrome and pulmonary hypertension.
Pfizer, having entered into a worldwide license agreement with GMI, will now be responsible for the next steps of clinical development for the treatment.
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